DIH TALKS Special – live from Hannover Fair

DIH TALKS Special – live from Hannover Fair

April 19, 2023 from 11:00 - 12:00

The 2023 Hannover Fair – the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology – focuses on high-tech and innovative solutions for overcoming global industrial challenges. The Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub (L-DIH) will broadcast live from the fair ground about the latest digital trends, technologies and innovations, focusing in particular on how digital twin technologies can benefit manufacturing industry.

Staying on top of cutting-edge digital technologies is crucial for us in our work to support the digital transformation of industry in Luxembourg. For the first time ever, the L-DIH team will therefore join the Luxembourg Pavilion at the Hannover Fair, where world-class technologies and innovations are revealed. Spotting the most interesting and relevant news for the Luxembourg ecosystem, we will broadcast live about the latest trends, technologies and innovations. During this session, we will in particular aim to answer why and how digital twins can address the increasing global challenges that manufacturing industry is facing. To do this, we will partner with key players that have a strong influence on related technologies and solutions. 

This special webinar is part of the DIH World Community Days 2023, where a number of European Digital Innovation Hubs are inviting their communities to participate in events where they will showcase innovations, solutions and experiments with a focus on digital twins.  

 Topics to be addressed : 

 • Digital twins 
  Latest digital trends, technologies, and innovations in manufacturing 
 • Live interviews with OEMs and other key players 
 Digital skills 
 • DIH World Community Days 2023 
 • Artificial intelligence / machine learning 

We look forward to meeting you again online! 

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