Episode 2 I Low and no-code in manufacturing, maximum impact


February 23, 2024 Episode #1


Episode 1 – Manufacturing operational excellence: Advanced scheduling

This webinar will present our new structure and support services available. 

 Topics to be addressed 
• Optimising production efficiency 
• Minimising lead times 
• Improved resource utilisation 
• Meeting customer demand 
• Full visibility in planning 
• Reducing downtime 
• Enhanced quality control

Moderator : Sri Kolla, Advisor Digital Innovation Hub, Luxinnovation

Speakers : 
Amandine Gillet, Partner at Deloitte
François STYGA, TrAxxion S.A.

May 24, 2024 Episode #2


Episode 2 – Low and no-code in manufacturing, maximum impact

Moderator : Nicolas SANITASSenior Advisor and Digital Community Coordinator, Luxinnovation

Speakers : 
Christian MICHEL, CEO, Visua
João CARREIRO, Diligent
Jérémy JEAN, Partner & Consultant, ControlC